Request a Quote for your Customized Individual Packages.

Please let us know a few thing before we can give you a quote.
1. How many nights you would like to stay in Makkah and how many in Medina.
2. What type of Hotel you wanna stay 3 star 4 star or 5 star?
3. How many people whould be travelling. How many Adults, Children and Infants. ?
4. What type of sharing you are looking for Double, Triple or Quad ?
5. What is the Distance from the Haram you want your hotel to be.?
Please remember less the distance more the price.
6. Full Details of the Passengers travelling. for eg Name, DOB, Nationality, Age & Relationship.
7. Tentative dates of travel. (To check Hotels & Seat availability)
8. City from where you want to travel (Embarakation point) ?
9. Your Budget, per person how much you are willing to spend ?
10. Your Email Address and Telephone number with STD / ISD Codes so that our representation can call you.
11. Any other query or thing you would require on the tour or would like us to know about
eg, Pregnancy, Handicapped, Wheelchair patient etc ?

Please email us at amazonmumbai@gmail.com with all the above information to get a No Obligation Quote within 24 hrs.






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