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"Mazar-I-Sharif" literally translates to "Grave of the King". The whole province and city in Northern Afghanistan is named this because it is believed to be the true resting place of the beloved Hazrat Ali (RA) Aleh Salam

Rawzeh Sharif (The Grave of Ali (RA) Aleh Salam ) is the holiest site in Afghanistan located in the blue jewel  Masjid, in the city of Mazar-I-Sharif.

It is said that whoever prays here with true Iman (faith) and Noor (purity), and they see a sign afterwards, their prayers will be answered.

There is a bounty of miracles and unexplainable occurences in this area.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of doves that constantly fly and settle around the  Masjid and even on people, unafraid and peaceful. It is also believed that when a dove flies into the  Masjid with a single dark spot on its feather, it turns completely white, becoming purified. There are pictures in this slideshow that I believe help support this.

In Nowroz, the  Masjid is lit up with colorful lights and a flag is raised in tribute to the beloved Ali (RA)  Aleh Salam . Its a very emotional moment for many people as they celebrate Newroz (Persian/Kurdish/Tajik/Afghan New Years). Some people from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran sometimes visit Mazar at this time to celebrate Newroz together and set aside their differences. And the President of the country usually delivers a speech before the glorious colorful flag is raised in tribute to our beloved Hazrat Ali (RA)  Aleh Salam

"The sin which makes you sad and repentant is more liked by God than the good deed which turns you arrogant"

1975 Mazari Sharif, also known as Mazar-e-Sharif, Mazar-i Sharif, Mazār-e Sharīf and Mazar-i-Sharif (Persian: مزار شریف), is the fourth largest city of Afghanistan, with population of 183,000 people (2002 official estimate). It is the capital of Balkh province and is linked by highways with Kabul to the south-east, Herat to the west and Uzbekistan to the north. Mazari Sharif means Holy Grave or Sacred Grave. The dominant language in Mazari Sharif is Dari. The city is significant to Shia Muslims, as it is the home of the extraordinary Rawze-e-Sharif or Blue  Masjid, postulated to be where the fourth caliph of Islam (Hazrat Ali) is buried. The city continues to be a major tourist spot because of its fabulous Muslim and Ancient Greek architecture. In July 2006, the discovery of Greek remains was announced. Mazari Sharif is in full control of the new Afghan central government, which is lead by US backed President Hamid Karzai. There are also NATO peacekeeing forces in and around the city providing assistance to the new government. [edit] Industry The local economy is dominated by agriculture and karakol production; small scale oil and gas exploitation have boosted the city's prospects. The city is a traditional centre for buzkashi, and its shrine the focus of Afghanistans Nawroz celebrations. Places of interest The modern city of Mazari Sharif is centered around the Shrine of Hazrat Ali. Much restored, it is one of Afghanistans most glorious monument. Outside Mazar lies the ancient city of Balkh, that still contains much of interest to the visitor. Trivia The name "Mazar E Sharif" has also been applied to a potent strain of marijuana sold in North America, apparently because the "strain" of plants originated in Northern Afghanistan.

Sufis of Afghanistan (Embedding disabled, limit reached) (Embedding disabled, limit reached) (Embedding disabled, limit reached) (Embedding disabled, limit reached)


Nigah-e-Wali Mein Yeh Taseer Dekhi Badal teh Hazaroon Ki Taqdeer Dekhi
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